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The #1 Mistake Business Authors Make is:

...and their "bestselling book" doesn't translate into the business growth they hoped it would.  Join me, and let's make sure YOU have THE RIGHT BOOK and A CLEAR PATH to GET IT DONE!

The #1 mistake I see Business Authors make is:

Niche Pressworks CEO & Business Strategist, Nicole Gebhardt

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What You'll Learn During The FREE MASTERCLASS


The 10 Different Publishing Strategies for Businesses

Not all books are created equal.

There are actually ten different types of books that support business growth, and every type helps achieve different business and audience objectives.

During our masterclass, we'll discuss the pros and cons of each and discuss which four are ideal for growing a business faster ... and when to blend them to achieve your unique goals.  

By the end of this lesson, you'll know which publishing strategy you need to take your business or brand to the next level faster.


The Real Reason Most Non-Fiction Books Fail and How to Ensure YOURS WON'T

The single biggest mistake 4 out of 5 authors make is WRITING THE WRONG BOOK. The book they invested all their time, money, and energy into suddenly becomes a deadly weight to their brand ... and many don't even know it.

There are lots of shiny reasons most business leaders want to become an author: the celebrity buzz, the instant authority, having something tangible to give people, and the retail sales profits. All those nice things can happen if you write a good book, but it's entirely possible you could write a great book and still have something that's strategically incapable of producing any real results for your business.

After all, it's not only a book you want ... it's all the possibilities the right book can create for your business.

By the end of this lesson, you'll understand how to build a publishing strategy that will produce the results you want BEFORE YOU START WRITING.


Building Your Publishing Team

Publishing can feel overwhelming. You're navigating business decisions alongside writing, design, distribution, audience engagement, and more. A lot of things you've probably never had to do before.

You can either learn it all or trust a team to help you.

In this this portion of our masterclass, you'll learn the difference between self-publishing, vanity press, hybrid and traditional, along with the implications for marketing and distribution so you can pick the right one for your goals.


Nicole Gebhardt, CEO Niche Pressworks

Nicole (right) is the Founder and Chief Storyteller at Niche Pressworks, a full-service agency that helps mission-driven business leaders plan, write, publish, and promote the right book for their goals. An experienced marketer and strategist, Nicole works with speakers, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders to expand their influence and grow their business through strategic planning, authority branding, and publishing.

Kim Han, Client Success Coach & Project Manager

Kim (left) has served as the Client Coach and Project Manager for Niche for over 5 years and 150+ authors. Our 97% success rate is due in large part to Kim's incredible gift to encourage and guide authors through their journey -- keeping them out of overwhelm and focused only on what matters most in every stage. Kim's greatest assets lie in her natural ability to appreciate people's greatness and her joy in bringing that out for others to see. 

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