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Creating and launching a successful book is a complex project.
Here’s how to stay out of overwhelm.

My husband and I remodeled our kitchen this winter. As much as we would have liked to do it all ourselves, the reality is, we needed a lot of other people’s expertise to do it well. So, we started by hiring a contractor who’d done this many times before. Along the way, we contributed our part and watched as the experts did theirs … beautifully.

Publishing is a unique kind of construction project. There are few projects a business owner will tackle that are so complex and public. You’re navigating strategic decisions alongside writing, design, distribution, audience engagement, and more. A lot of things you’ve probably never had to do before. Which means you’re going to rely on topical experts for strategy, structure, storytelling, editing, design, publicity, selling, and more to not only get your project done but to ensure you’re thrilled with the results.

It can sound overwhelming, but as the Project and Client Success Manager here at Niche Pressworks, it’s my role to make sure you navigate it with ease. I guide you from that first call – before you’ve written your first word – to the day we celebrate your launch success and train you to manage your publishing platforms moving forward.

When there are a hundred things you could be doing, I keep you focused on the one or two you need to do now, and I clear the rest out of your way.

That’s very good news and your secret to success. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or figure out who to call for help. You simply need to trust the process and let me bring in the experts as you need them.

Experience Matters
We’ve worked with over 200 business leaders to fine-tune a process that works, especially for busy people who aren’t used to detailing complex ideas and advice into one long engaging manuscript – let alone navigating all the editors, designers, printers, and distribution centers needed to get it out into the world.

Our success rate speaks for itself.

97% of our authors write and publish their book in one year or less.

That’s an astounding record in this industry!

You have a powerful message that deserves to be shared with the world, and there is a proven process to get you to do it well.

At Niche Pressworks, we appreciate the fact that you’re an expert in your field and that you hire us to be the expert in ours. We help you learn, grow, and improve, without drowning in details you don’t need to worry about.

By following our framework, you are giving yourself the best chance at achieving your goals and creating a book you’ll be really proud to share. So, take a deep breath, trust the process, and let’s get started on this journey together. I can’t wait to see what your story will be.

Kim Han is the Project and Client Success Manager for Niche Pressworks. As the Emotional Intelligence voice for our team, she’s known for her ability to support, encourage, and help people do hard things.

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