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We help leaders leverage publishing to grow their business.

It's not only a great book you want.
It's what THE RIGHT BOOK will make possible.

We offer full-service Strategic Planning, Writing & Editing, and Self-Publishing Packages for business leaders.

Hi! I'm Nicole Gebhardt

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce you to our revolutionary approach to publishing for business leaders.
Unlike traditional publishers, Niche Pressworks places strategy at the forefront of all the work we'll do together. That's because we understand it's not only a book you want. It's what the right book will make possible.
Our team's support is comprehensive and transformative. Niche experts assist you in business and content strategy, mindset, storytelling, writing, and promotion.
Our commitment is to help you grow as a leader and communicator, not just an author.

If you're tired of publishers expecting you to have all the answers, let's connect. Together, we'll ensure your book isn't just a standalone work but an integral part of your broader vision and strategy.


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What will your story be?

2022 Books

97% of our clients write and publish their book in one year or less.

A Proven Process to Give You the Help You Need to Do This Right

Looking for help with publishing for your business? Here's how to begin your journey with us:


Step 1: Apply for a Call

Share your vision and explore how our process can help you reach your goals faster.


Step 2: Mini-Intensive

Spend 90 minutes with Nicole to define the right publishing strategy for you.


Step 3: Project Plan

Accept your customized consulting and publishing plan and start building your publishing strategy.

Want to know more about our process? Check out our NICHE Leaders Journal

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Michael Hauge

MICHAEL HAUGE, author of the best-selling book Storytelling Made Easy, works with Niche Pressworks’ authors as their resident story consultant. He has made in-person and online presentations to more than 500,000 participants worldwide. He is one of Hollywood’s top story experts and consultants and has used those same storytelling principles to help speakers, authors, and business leaders generate millions of dollars in revenue.

“No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.”
- Will Smith

“We incorporated Michael Hauge's principles into our ClickFunnels software, which now has more than 100,000 active customers and creates millions of dollars a month in sales.”
- Russell Brunson

The right book can change everything.

What will your story be?

The Difference
a Year Can Make

Learn how our process helped Tracy Edmond confidently make a bold move from retired executive to bestselling author, speaker, and consultant.

The 10 Publishing Strategies
for Business

Not all books are created equal!
Here's how to choose the right asset to work for you and your business.

"Turning Clients into Heroes"
by Michael Hauge

Hollywood can teach us a lot about story selling. See how great stories in a book helps Lisa Campbell convert readers into action takers.


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